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Getting Started and Building A Dynamic Place in Cyberspace with JB’s Clearance

Running your own business is no easy feat. Add to that navigating international territories and law and the entire shebang becomes that much more complicated. Still, this was a challenge that JB’s Clearance Founder Joedy-Ann Bridge was willing to face and conquer. This is where our collaboration with JB’s Clearance began.

The Story

JB’s Clearance came to us from Kingston, Jamaica by way of an existing working relationship and friendship. The request was simple. Joedy-Ann wanted a website that allowed her to present her brand and services in a cohesive way. She also wanted clients to be able to register for their shipping addresses and start shipping online with them. We were able to create a simple website with clean pages that clearly presented the JB’s Clearance brand and its starter services all while allowing for in-house expansion.

From A Solid Foundation to Dynamic Growth

A key component of JB’s Clearance design was to ensure that the client was autonomous in managing the website, including:

  1. Being able to manage the website by making updates,
  2. Incorporating a user portal that allowed users to move from sign-up to shopping online, and tracking orders right up to delivery

among other features.

JB’s Clearance was able to embed a user portal into its website as it continued to build its digital place in cyberspace.

If you live in Jamaica and currently (or desire to) shop online, be sure to head over to and ship with them. Of course, let them know that we sent you there!

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