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About Our ASAP Methodology

ASAP is an exclusive methodology that allows us to re-imagine traditional business best practices and make them easy to understand and implement by practitioners in non-traditional and service-based practices.

Also, ASAP is repeatable and effective, so results are FAST. 

Business best practices are always applicable.

However, many creative professionals and service providers lack the business operations knowledge and support needed to maximise and leverage their offerings. This is true even at the highest levels of their craft, due largely to undereducation, underresourcing, and misconceptions.

For creative professionals, in particular, the presentation of these principles make them unrelatable and unimplementable. By re-imagining and re-presenting said principles with the ASAP methodology at the foundation, we are able to change that.

Our methodologies are acronym-based for several reasons. 

1. The Problem:

For starters, our Founder and CEO Kerri-Anne quickly realised that creative professionals and other service-based practitioners think and work differently. As such, traditional business best practices are unrelatable to them. They still need these best practices, however.

2. The Solution: 

Acronyms help us to embody these best practices and present them in a way that aligns with the ways creative professionals and service-based practitioners work. Acronyms are also easy to remember and repeatable, which further adds to their efficacy.

In a phrase, customisation and market segments. The acronyms used in our services suite are designed to systematically customise strategies for clients who need a dedicated approach to meeting their unique needs.

On the other hand, the acronyms housed at the Digital Media Success Hub, are tech-supported, automated, and more generic in function. That is, they are designed as a self-help solution to the general challenges that creative professionals and service-based practitioners face. These include challenges as commonplace as accessing basic business planning methodologies that are affordable, on-the-go, and relatable way.

Yes, Your results are FAST!

We simplify everything.

It is our goal to truly equip all our end-users (i.e. clients and their teams) with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the digital media space with as much autonomy as possible.