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Our CultureTech


Culture is shaped through Information.

Consequently, our CultureTech platforms are informative. As you arm yourself with knowledge and implement what you are learning, you change the culture of your life and work and that of those around you.

How they work...

Our digital platforms utilise content-driven websites and software-as-a-service (SAAS) resource hubs across the fields of business, art, entertainment, culture, politics, current affairs, and lifestyle.

Our suite of platforms is constantly growing, and each platform falls into one of the following CultureTech sectors:

  • Digital Archiving
  • Current Affairs Commentary
  • Virtual Museums
  • Tech Solutions for Arts, Culture, & Entertainment 

Platform Descriptions

Tech It Like A Girl is a global tech-ed initiative designed to help tech users from all walks develop healthy relationships with their devices, as well as help tech newbies and those overwhelmed with the fast-pace technological development come up the digital curve.

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Kei Dubb 365 LIVE is the trademark of the official Kei Dubb creative content & lifestyle platform featuring exclusive music, podcast, concerts, books, videos, and other exclusiv audio and audiovisual content.

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Listicles change live! There is something about getting all the information you need in  clear, concise, and easy-to-understand list form. A List for Everything is your favourite digital resource for finding list-based articles on all your favourite topics.

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Work smarter. Live Well.

Through our platforms and affiliates at Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited, we are empowering Creative Professionals and service providers with the technology to make smarter, more lucrative business decisions and create their ideal careers so they can increase the reach of their work in the world A.S.A.P. (authentically, sustainably, affordably, and profitably).