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New Look, Feel, and Function: Digital Rebranding with Gege Vibes is an Italian-based digital magazine curating the business of Afro-Jamaican music culture in the European marketplace. A content-heavy platform, Gege Vibes features articles, videos, images, music, and so much more! Here is how we worked with them to rebrand and redesign their website.

The Story

Gege Vibes came to us from Italy by way of a client referral. Gege wanted to rebrand herself in the digital media space. Importantly, she wanted to start with a more attractive and functional multimedia website.

As is typical, we started the process with a conversation. That conversation gave us insight into Gege’s vision for how she wanted her website to look, feel, and function. After all, her website would serve as the nucleus for the Gege Vibes brand in the digital media space. From there, we took the following next steps to build out the new official website.

Step 1: Branding and Content Administration

Under the guidance of team member Joan, we reorganised Gege Vibes’ vast content portfolio into brand sentences (such as Gege Vibes Camp, Gege Vibes TV, etc.). Brand sentences ensured that the content Gege had spent years creating was firmly and sensibly connected with the Gege Vibes brand. Additionally, we made sure the content was searchable and strong from an SEO perspective. SEO is a component we are consistently reframing based on the direction of the brand.

Step 2: Wireframing & Site Mapping

With a clear brand and content direction in tow, we then built a wireframe and sitemap. The wireframe detailed how the brand’s visual features will be laid out and used across the website, while the sitemap detailed how the content will be organised across pages, posts, categories, and tags.

Step 3: Landing Page and Website Development

The first step in developing the new face for was creating a landing page that let regular visitors know that the site as they knew it was changing. Importantly, we were able to do this without being a hindrance to the site’s previous (and regular) visitors. We ensured that the direct links for posts remained the same even as we reorganised the content into new categories and with consistent tags. The high-level development steps included:

  • Landing page design
  • Reorganise content into the categories and tags created
  • Design graphics and layout for the new welcome page
  • Create new pages organised using brand sentences
  • Complete 3-menu navigation (including pages, categories, tags, and dynamic search features)

Additional key functions included the ability to list and sell tickets for Gege Vibes-endorsed tours and shows, booking artists on the Gege-Vibes Roster, and social media content sharing.

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