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The Power of Processes.

Awe-inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited is a boutique creative technology consultancy at the nexus of the creative arts, technology, and business development industries.

We believe efficient processes are the backbone of success in life and work. The loftiest goals and widest range of interests can all be strategically undergirded by simplified processes that are effectively leveraged. 

Toward this end, we have developed ASAP as our core methodology in helping individuals, businesses, projects, and initiatives implement the tech-supported processes needed to realise their objectives and exceed their expectations.

Our Guiding


merging business best practices and creative vision with powerful and accessible technology

so that creative professionals and the organisations, initiatives, brands, and projects they serve will be able to affordably and profitably expand the reach of their work in the world and sustainably grow their revenue, without sacrificing authenticity

We’ve built this philosophy into our ASAP methodology. 


The needs of the Creative Professionals community and the brilliance of acronymn-based methodologies

Without a doubt, Jamaican creative professionals and artisans have always been talented. However, even at the highest level of their craft, many lack the streamlined and automated business operations support needed to truly maximise and leverage said talents. This is due in large part to undereducation and underrresourcing.

Looking outside the shores of Jamaica, it became clear this was not only a local problem.

While many independent creative professionals DO NOT understand that business best practices apply irrespective of what is being sold, some do. Among those who do, it is often true that they are unable to effectively apply them due to how they are presented.

ASAP and our other easy-to-implement business methodologies re-imagine core business best practices and make them easy to understand and implement for creative professionals and the less business savvy among us. Best of all, ASAP and its counterparts are repeatable and effective in its results. 


Our Vision

To firmly place the work of Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited at the vanguard of the creative-tech, creative arts, and digital business industries in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and world.

Our Mission

To empower individuals, organisations, projects, brands, and initiatives we serve with the tools and resources that help energise their unique creative vision and sustainably support the presence, reach, and impact of their work in the world.

Core Values

We believe for creativity to thrive, there must be order and a clear framework that fosters the full expression of directed creativity.

With strategy and structure as part of our core values, we are able to provide a context and framework for our creative expressions and offerings allowing them greater relevance and impact for target market segments.

We believe business best practices in the arts and culture sector are only as useful as their practical application and roll out.

Being pragmatic in our approach to creative work allows us to bring to market Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) that our clients can benefit from, while giving us the opportunity to further develop our output and scale.

We believe in holding ourselves to the highest levels of artistic integrity and creative authenticity.

Artistic integrity is critical to our quality assurance, as it ensures that our products are of the highest quality.

We believe in producing and curating products, services, and content that are relevant to the market segments they are meant to target.

By ensuring that all our offerings are relevant, we ensure that we give our clients, customers, and fans high-value at every turn.

We believe in constantly innovating to create our products, services, and dynamic content we provide for our audiences.

By committing to innovation, we are able to consistently meet market demand, and in some instances drive industry trends.

We believe in incorporating modern technological resources at the heart of our business operations processes.

By using technology to streamline our business processes, we are able to keep production efficient and ensure that products, services, and dynamic content are readily available to our clients and audiences.

Our Story

Here’s how Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited grew out of the

business component of the Kei Dubb brand…

(timeline scrolls left to right & left again)

October 2017
Kei Dubb
Kei Dubb Business & Lifestyle Is Born

After taking a break from the stage and researching tradtional business best practices outside the creative industries, Kerri-Anne C. Walker began to 

April 2018
YLAI Experience
US State Dept. YLAI Fellowship Is Secured

In December 2018, Kerri-Anne offcially became a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellow, after applying for the programme in February 2018. 

January 2019
Personal Branding Explored
Kerri-Anne Builds Her Personal Brand

After being successful in YLAI Kerri-Anne continued to build her resume as an emerging entrepreneur, inparticular, laying foundations in social impact techpreneurship which would become the foundation for both her creative industries and business professional career pursuits.

February 2019
A Creative Technologist Emerges
Kerri-Anne Participates in IDB Creative Tech Lab

In her capacities as musician an emerging Creative Technologist, Kerri-Anne was selected along with talents from across the Caribbean basin to participate in the 1st ever Creative Tech Lab, executed by the Inter-American Development Bank.

August 2019
Host with the Most takes Centre Stage
Kerri-Anne Works With The Kingston Night Market Initiative

In her capacity as Kei Dubb, Kerri-Anne hosted the Kingston Night Market's entertainment segment and conducted vendor interviews. The KNM experience gave her the opportunity to see the challenges creative professional face ith new eyes.

June 2019
Techin' It To Haiti
Kerri-Anne Attends the Haiti Tech Summit

Sponsored by the US Embassy Haiti as one of 3 Jamaican YLAI Professional Fellows and entrepreneurs, Kerri-Anne attended the Haiti Tech summit in her capacity as Kei Dubb founder and social impact trailblazer.

January 2023
ABCT is Born
Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited Is Official

After much planning, revamping, and navigating ebbs and flows, Awe-inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited is official. The company is a culmination of all that Kerri-Anne is and has to offer. That is, bringing together the best in art, culture, and entertainment with business best practices and technology.

Through our work at Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited, we are empowering creative professionals to make smarter, more lucrative business decisions and create their ideal careers so they can increase the reach of their work in the world authentically, affordably, sustainably, and profitably. 

– Kerri-Anne C. Walker, CEO

HER story

From the CEO’s Desk

Awe-inspiring & Bold Creative-tech Solutions Limited is the brainchild of Jamaican-born musician, creative business technologist, and entrepreneur Kerri-Anne C. Walker.

Kerri-Anne is a second-generation black woman in tech and a first-generation professional musician and entrepreneur. Her vision is to help men and women of all walks (and the organisations, projects, and initiatives they serve) to design and implement the processes needed to bring their goals within reach.

Kerri-Anne is as passionate about the role of technology in simplifying our lives and work as she is about her art and creative expression. So much so, that her vision for Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited was born out of an uncanny ability to bring together the best in art, culture, and entertainment with business and technology to build authentic, sustainable, affordable, and profitable creative-tech solutions.

Our Branded Platforms

we are home to awesome emerging platforms and social impact initiatives.

click the images above to visit the official websites

Tech It Like A Girl (TILAG) is an initiative offering up a FREE-to-access platform and complementary resources designed to help today’s men and women to navigate fast-changing tech and interact with modern technology in a healthy and productive way without feeling overwhelmed by it all.  

Kei Dubb 365 LIVE is the official Kei Dubb digital platform housing exclusive access to all Kei Dubb created and curated content; including music, podcasts, videos, and much more.

The Kei Dubb DLC is an innovative business planning hub designed with the creative services entrepreneur in mind. 

New Start Collective is a boutique lifestyle offering that is focused on inspiring championing fresh starts and brave continuations throughout one’s life’s journey through our lounge apparel, accessories, and other products. 

There is an app and a list for just about everything you can think of. ALFE is the positioned to be the Internet’s premier hub for listicles on any topic you can think about.

Black Girl Politica is a digital platform taking a closer look at the policy and politics of the issues that impact our lives. 


Tech-Automated Business Planning Platform for creative professionals.

Here at Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited, we are big on serving creative talent with accesible and affordable creative-tech solutions.

To this end, we have built the tech-supported, and knowledge-intensive Kei Dubb ABCt Digital Learning Centre platform. This platform in dedicated to arming you with the coaching, community, and apps needed to quickly and easily implement the right operational approaches and secure your creative business and creative career success.

The Kei Dubb ABC-t
Digital Learning CentRE

Awesome features and Re-Launch, Coming Soon


We have tools for you whether you are just getting started and prefer the guidance of our coaches, trying to grow in your career and desire to meet and network with like-minded professionals, or simply leverage your experience and use our apps to furher scale your career.

Trusted Knowledge

Our platform is a knowledge-instensive platform where we leverage acronym-based methodologies to develop and shape tried, tested, and proven tools and processes. Said resources are easy-to-use, repeatable in output, and can be tailored to your needs so you can EXCEED your goals & expectations.

Anytime, Anywhere

At the DLC, we are big on inclusion and accessibility. As such, our platform is cloud-based and mobile responsive. Tools therein can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime once you're online. All you need is an internet-ready smart device, like your smartpphone, to get started.

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