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Total Showcase: 4 Profiles

Kerri-Anne C. Walker

CEO, Executive Creative Director

As Founder of Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited Kerri-Anne functions as the CEO and Creative Director who is committed to steering this boutique orgnisation in the direction of innovation and excellence as it embodies its ASAP methodology on behalf and realises the same on behalf of clients. 

On projects, Kerri-Anne serves as the Creative Technologist & Digital Media Business Strategist as she meets with the clients and shapes the digital media direction of the  Execution Framework for the project.

Tamara N. Burns

Art Director & Lead Designer

As Art Director & Design Lead, Tamara functions as the visual storyteller within the team, helping to ensure that the creative vision and direction as outlined is realised. Tamara is also a critical part of the visual design of the content within client projects and campaigns. 

On projects, Tamara serves as the Graphic Artist and Visualiser as she consults the guidelines of the Branding Storyboard documentation and brings the vision outlined therein to life. 

Essentially, Tamara is the Queen of visually effective content creation and production. 

Joan E. Webley

Client Brand Strategist & Lead Storyteller

As an Artiste, IP Lawyer, Advocate, & Entrepreneur, Joan comes to the Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Ltd. table with wide-ranging perspectives and piercing insights. Within the team she functions as the brand strategist tasked with helping us stay on brand within the the digital media space while helping to streamline our clients within that same vein. 

On projects, Joan serves as the  serves as the Digital Media Branding Specialist  who works to craft the client’s storyboard which will serve as the branding guide throughout the course of the client’s outline. 

Stephanie P. Mattis

Executive Administrative Assistant

As our resident Executive Administrative Assistant, Stephanie is our smooth operator who is comitted to keeping the lines of communication open between out internal team and the our team our clients as projects are undertaken and executed. 

On projects, Stephanie serves as the Project Administrator workig to keep all the project’s moving parts moving in one direction.