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CreaTech Services Catalogue

Suite of Services

Branding & Identity Design

Our Branding & Identity Design (fundamentals) special help you cut through the fluff and get clear on your brand’s look, feel, tone, and audience in only 45 minutes using our RESET and BRAND frameworks.

Digital Media & Marketing Strategy

The sustainable success of your brand in the digital media ecosystem boils down to drafting and executing the right strategy.

The Digital Media & Marketing Strategy (fundamentals) consultation special help lay the foundation for that and more!

Let’s discuss this and build out a feasible framework for you.

The Perfect 10: Website Starter Kit

Yes, you can build your website on your own (or using an internal team) with the right tools and ten easy steps.

With The Perfect 10: Website Starter Kit consultation special, we take 45 minutes to get you on the right track.

Cybersecurity & Data Protection

The Jamaica Data Protection Act has changed the game for all who operate in the digital marketing space. 

If you, your organisation or brand, has a website or following on social media platforms, then we need to have a conversation.

Book this consultation special to ensure you and your team are on the right track. 


Voiceover (Narration)

Get up to 60 seconds of recorded voiceover which include:

  • your 45-minute consultation session
  • scripting
  • editing
  • production (creative commons music)
  • + up to 2 revisions

Building & Construction Technology

As Jamaica’s real estate landscape continues to evolve, these modern places of choice to live and work must be aligned with the technology that marks a digitally-reliant future.

This consultation special equips quantity surveyors, real estate agents, interior designers, architects, engineers, and other relevant industry professionals with the tools and resources they need to ensure buildings meet existing modern standards and the direction technology is headed in. 

Digital Business Assessment

Not sure where to start? Let’s ave a conversation about your goals, hopes, and expectations and let’s get strategic today. 

Video editing

  • Reels
  • Motion Graphics (for products & services presentation)