Business Development Coaching

Have ideas but not sure where to start?

Get clear for only US$50.00 with our special 45-minute consultation.

This consultation is designed to help you accomplish the following:

  • Get clear on your MVP,
  • Design your business blueprint or career trajectory,
  • Outline your next steps for success.

Product Strategy Coaching Sessions

Our Sessions

help you craft the creative-technology solutions needed to authentically, sustainably, affordably, and profitably (i.e. ASAP) grow your brands, businesses, projects, & initiatives.

Learn 1-on-1 from our team of creative professionals!


Business Plans & Pitch Decks

Need to organise your ideas, outline your goals and format business pitches, or your official business plans so you can present them well? Then, this is the option for you.

Let us work with you to get your pitch right the first time.

Rate: US$35.00 /session
Duration: 3 once-weekly 45-mins sessions
Core Methodology: PITCH


Biographies & Electronic Press Kits

As many recognise the need for effective personal and professional branding in the digital space, audiovisual biographies and Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) become increasingly important. Let us handle yours for you!

Rate: US$35.00 /session
Duration: 3 once-weekly 45-mins sessions
Core Methodology: KIT


Digital Media Branding & Marketing Strategy

Our Digital Media Branding & Marketing Strategy is designed to effectively clarify your brand's voice, streamline its market position, and convert market place exposure to sales and revenue using marquee digital tools.

Rate: US$35.00 /session
Duration: 3 once-weekly 45-mins sessions
Core Methodology: BRAND


SEO & InBound Creative Media Blogging

Yes, content is still king and SEO-rich, text-based content is at the heart of that. Importantly, multimedia additions take the effectiveness of your content to the next level. We offer a combination of both.

Rate: US$35.00 /session
Duration: 3 once-weekly 45-mins sessions
Core Methodology: MEDIA

Entertainment & Multimedia

Having an event or launching a marketing campaign?

Then, our event hosting, music performances, voiceovers, & other services are perfect for you.

Event Services Catalogue


Keynote Speaking / Panel Discussions

Inspirational, articulate, on-brand presentations are what you can expect from our keynote public speaking and panel discussion event services option.


Event Hosting

Charismatic, dynamic, and informed event hosting is what you can expect when we host your event.

From our team's research to the glitz and glam of presentation day is what you can expect when we host/mc your event.


LIVE Music Performance

From the intimate spaces of your private and corporate affairs to the larger stages of festivals like Jazz & Blues and Relay for Life, a Kei Dubb LIVE! music performance is sure to thrill your audence!

Multimedia Services Catalogue



Be it a documentary or marketing campaign, we provide well-scripted, professionally produced voiceovers for your next multimedia project!


Reels / Social Media Video Production

Create engaging, attractive, and effective reels or your social meia pages with this multimedia service option.


Musical Collaboration

Want to collaborate with Kei Dubb to write, produce, or perform music?

Then, this is the option for you.


Web Design & Development

Your website is your very on place in cyberspace. It is your piece of the digital rock. As such, it should reflect your and your business authentically and help your generate the interest and conversion needed to help you meet and exceed your goal.

Let us help you do all that and more!