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A Little About Us

Our Ethos


To empower individuals, organisation, projects, brands, and initiatives with the tools and resources that help energise their unique creative vision and sustainaby support the reach and impact of their work and presence in the world.


To firmly place the work of ABC-Tech Solutions Ltd. at the vanguard of the creative-tech, creative arts, and digital business industries in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and world. 

Core Values

We believe that frameworks and processes help guide efficiency and secure sustainable profits and growth over time.

With strategy and structure as part of our core values, we are able to provide a context and framework for our creative expressions and offerings allowing them greater relevance and impact for target market segments.
We believe business best practices in the creative industries and services-based sectors are only as useful as their practical application and roll out.

Being pragmatic in our approach to creative and services-based work allows us to bring to market Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) that our clients can benefit from, while giving us the opportunity to further develop our output and scale as well as that of our client.
We believe in holding ourselves to the highest levels of artistic integrity and creative authenticity as we show up in the digital media space.

Artistic integrity is critical to our quality assurance, as it ensures that our products are high-quality and creative.

We believe in producing and curating products, services, and content relevant to the market segments they are designed to serve.

By ensuring that all our offerings are relevant, we ensure that we give our clients, customers, and fans high-value at every turn.

We believe in constantly innovating to create the products, services, and dynamic content we provide for our audiences.

By committing to innovation, we are able to consistently meet market demand, and in some instances drive industry trends.

We believe in incorporating modern technological resources at the heart of our business operations processes.

By using technology to streamline our business processes, we are able to keep production efficient and ensure that products, services, and dynamic content are readily available to our clients and audience.

Creative Techology at its best!

Value Statment

Bringing together the best in art, culture, and entertainment with business, lifestyle, and technology.

As the digital media space becomes increasingly audio-visual in its engagement, art, culture, entertainment, and lifestyle elements are coming to the fore of the technology field.

As an organisation, we embrace the current trajectory and bring together creative and technological elements in the presentation of our work, as well as in our approach to formulating unique solutions that help our clients standout and present their work authentically.

Importantly, we believe creative-tech resources should serve you, and not the other way around. As such, our strategies are designed to make sure you are in charge of your ‘face and place’ in the digital space. 


Awe-inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Ltd. is a purpose-driven and social impact focused creative tech boutique at the intersection of business and entrepreneurship, modern techology, and the creative arts.

The seamless amalgamation of the best in art, culture, entertainment, business, and lifestyle with smart technology has created a truly unique and dynamic digital business offering.