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In the Creative Industries, Solid Business Structures Breed Freedom

In the creative industries, it is popular to think that business practices and other structures will constrict the creative process and in some cases compromise artistic integrity in favour of commercial success. Over the years, many creators and artists have developed the notion that business savvy and artistic excellence are mutually exclusive qualities.

However, the opposite is often true. Business structures can enhance your creative freedoms and ultimate success for the following four reasons:

1. There is focus

Focus is an indispensable ingredient when you’re working toward something. Having a clear direction will do wonders for making progress in the right direction. Actions taken will prove to be more effective as they are likely to be more systematic and in line with the overall vision.

2.  Teamwork becomes more effective

There is an old saying that “too many cooks spoil the broth.” In the creative industry when ideas flow and visions collide, this can often prove itself true. We all know how counterproductive (and in some cases, annoying) it can be when everyone has an idea that doesn’t exactly work with any of the ideas in the room or is simply not feasible or practical as far as the objectives are concerned. Having a plan that is clear in its goals and the roles of team members and stakeholder is the solution to this problem.

3.  Inspiration increases

Very few things inspire creativity like having a focus and a clear vision to work toward. This, therefore, is another benefit of having a business structure and a written plan to go with it. When the vision, goals, and objectives, are plainly laid out for all stakeholders to access and use, everyone knows what they are working toward. There is a very real sense of purpose and excitement that comes from this knowledge, and that atmosphere becomes the breeding ground for further creativity and stimulation geared toward the realisation of the goals and objectives.

4.  Results hit the mark

Whenever we have a creative spark, we also have a vision of how we would like the outcome to be. However, as creators and artists, there is a tendency to skip over the details and rush the process in getting to the said outcome. This is problematic. The truth is, the devil is in the details and it is the attention to detail and following the necessary steps of the process that will help to make the results match the outcome envisioned. Therefore, by slowing down and putting pen to paper, you get a firsthand view of what steps need to be taken to bring your creative vision to life, what is feasible, and what is not.

So, there you have it. Four ways a solid business structure can help free your creative expression and maximise your impact!


Credits: Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels

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