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Art Is Risky Business: More About Our Coming Platform

Yes, Art is Risky Business. However, you don’t have to risk your authenticity and vision to achieve success.

Like many of you reading this post, I am a creative professional who’s had her fair share of struggles trying to make my mark in the world and have my art impact the world on my own terms. Throughout the years of trying different things (some successful, others not so much) I have been grateful for one thing – the great equaliser that technological resources have proven again and again to be. Rapidly advancing technological resources were the vehicles I could rely on to transport the heart and soul of my art around the world – gaining me exposure in places I’ve had to Google to pinpoint on the map. Those technological resources would again prove to be effective in transforming my creative business into a well-oiled machine that would steadily grow in profitability.

It wouldn’t be long before I’d start teaching the tricks of the trade learned over the years to grow my art and the business of my art, to other independent artists and creative professionals – helping them to do the same. As word got out and more artists and creators began to seek out consultation with me. Soon enough, the demand started to become too much. You guessed it… technology came to my rescue again and the Kei Dubb Digital Learning Centre (DLC) was born.

Through the DLC, I’ve been able to provide creative professionals of all practices and at different stages in their careers and businesses with the tools they need to easily and efficiently improve their processes, increase their revenue, and scale their creative businesses and careers.

The Problem with Creators and Business Strategies

Let’s face it. It is not the easiest thing to try and add structure to any creative career or business. In fact, the very nature of creativity and the creative process, may at first glance, appear to be the antithesis of the hard and fast rigor and structure that business best practices seem to be about. Add to that the fact that many creators understandably feel like existing generic business planning processes and business plans are unrelatable for service-oriented professionals, and you begin to see a problem. Thankfully, for every problem, there is a solution.

Being a creator myself, I completely get how artists think, and how we approach our work and our world. Truth be told if we could be just left alone in our little bubbles to create and allow someone else to do all the business and administrative parts, it would be a perfect world. Well, you know what they say about perfection right? It doesn’t exist. The likelihood is high that this ‘hands-off’ mentality is going to leave us either being ripped off all the way into bankruptcy or crying at the mercy of the puppet master who’s pulling the purse strings.

So, what am I saying? Am I saying that there you should not get any assistance at all with the business of your art? No, I’m not. What I am saying is that there must be an easier – read smarter – way to do all this. I, like you, wanted a smarter way to have my business ‘handled.’ After years of trying, tweaking, revamping, and trying again, I stumbled on a few fixes. Once I found them, I began implementing them in my own business and began to see results. I then began passing this knowledge on to my colleagues and they too began to use them and repeat the results. These fixes have helped me, and many of my creative colleagues get it together over and over again. Now, through the DLC I am able to share them with you.

Art Is Risky Business Features and Benefits

Many of the foundational resources and tools available in the platform are FREE to access, others are available through paid subscriptions. Either way, once you’ve visited this centre and have begun using the tools and tips you find there in your creative business and career, you will begin to see results. After all, that’s why you’re here, right? Thought so. Here’s some of what you can expect as you make your way around the site and begin to use what you find here:

1. A new mindset

The first thing you’ll begin to notice as you use the resources found here at the DLC is a marked shift in the way you view your creative business and career going forward. This is an important first step, as absolutely nothing will change in your business or career if you are unable to how you think about and approach it all. As your mind changes, so too will your actions and your business.

2. A simplified and repeatable approach

The more you delve into the principles taught through the tools and resources in the DLC, the more you’ll begin to cut through the clutter and the noise and simplify your business or career. Simplifying your business and career may mean streamlining your product offering or making it easier for your target audience to consume what you have to offer. Whatever this translates to in your reality, the outcome is sure – you’ll be able to properly scale and grow your business or career and move it forward to its highest potential. Best of all, you will be able to do all this on your own terms.

3. The results you desire

Finally, you will begin to use the tools, tips, and principles of the DLC to achieve the results you desire. Whether you wish to increase your sales, streamline your administrative tasks or set up processes that make the work you do work better for you, implementing what you learn here will help you get there efficiently. Get started today and watch your career begin to transform before your eyes.

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