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The brainchild of Kerri-Anne C. Walker (who functions as the face and Creative Director of the brand) Awe-inspiring & Bold Creative-tech Solutions Limited is a creative services boutique at the vanguard of the fast-changing business, technology, and creative arts industries.

With a business model built on fully supporting the maximum reach and impact of authentic artistry in the arts/culture sector and creative-adjacent industries, Awe-inspiring & Bold Creative-tech Solutions Limited places Kerri-Anne at the forefront of forward-thinking creative professionals committed to embodying the expanded and profitable reach of artistry through a tech-supported entrepreneurial approach to a career in the arts.

This organisation also functions as a production house and creative business and lifestyle digital consultancy and multimedia enterprise. Awe-inspiring & Bold Creative-tech Solutions Limited provides a tech-supported creative outlet for Kerri-Anne’s far-ranging creative ambitions; positioning her and the organisation at the intersection of artistic excellence, entertainment, creative lifestyle, and tech-driven business acuity.