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Simplify, Streamline, Strategise: Key Tools to Help Creative Professionals Posture Profitably (Yes, even in a Pandemic)

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed businesses and lifestyles as we know it, would be the understatement of the year 2020. The creative industries and the professionals and practitioners who function there have been hit hard by the fallout. Thanks to COVID-19 protocols like physical distancing, events as we knew them are no longer a thing. In what seems like an instant, events and other spaces that allow for creative expressions and exchanges are now virtual when they do happen.

Yet, in spite of the challenges we face, life and work go on. Creative industry practitioners (much like the world at large) must learn quickly the best practices for operating efficiently and profitable in this new atmosphere. We must find innovative (yes, that word again) and creative tools to help us navigate what we are facing and help move things forward.

01. Tap Into Your Creativity

If you have only viewed creativity as the

02. Tweak Your Career Outlook and Adjust Success Barometer

Often times, creative practitioners think of success in their careers as simply being front and centre with their craft and benefiting from it.

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