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Through our platforms at Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited, We are empowering Creative Professionals to make smarter, more lucrative business decisions and create their ideal careers so they can increase the reach of their work in the world authentically, sustainably, affordable, and profitably.

Kei Dubb 365 LIVE

Kei Dubb 365 LIVE is the trademark of the official Kei Dubb creative content & lifestyle platform featuring exclusive music, podcast, concerts, books, videos, and other exclusiv audio and audiovisual content. 

Tech It Like A Girl

Tech It Like A Girl is a global tech-ed initiative designed to help tech users from all walks develop healthy relationships with their devices, as well as help tech newbies and those overwhelmed with the fast-pace technological development come up the digital curve. 

Kei Dubb Digital Learning Centre

Another trademark offshoot from the Kei Dubb brand, the Kei Dubb Digital Learning Centre is home to exclusive tech-automated business planning methodolgies specially designed for the services-based creative professional.

Black Girl Politica

Black Girl Politica is a blog committed to ventilating matters of politics, policies, & progress through the lens of the underserved voices in Caribbean & Pan-African communities.

New Start Collective

New Start Collective is an eCommerce boutique, championing fresh starts and brave continuations throughout one’s life journey through carefully designed and curated products that help remind you of all the important things when life is good and even moreso when life is hard. 

A List for Everything

Listicles change live! There is something about getting all the information you need in  clear, concise, and easy-to-understand list form. A List for Everything is your favourite digital resource for finding list-based articles on all your favourite topics.