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Creative Services Careers and Technology Automation

Having efficient business process is a key component that separates a creative hobby from a viable and sustainable creative industries career and/or business. In today’s tech-driven world where convenience is king, it is the business’ process and the ability to afford clients an easy way to access products and services that will help creative businesses and services providers successful set themselves apart from their competitors. Still, many creative professionals and creative small business owners still struggle with developing systems and processes that help them to offer their services and products (or service-products) to members of their target audience and prospective clients the world over. Thankfully, that can become a thing of the past using the information found in this article.

First Things First: The Nature of Creative Services and Technology Automation

While automation is great for bringing clients together with the offerings of creative services providers, the truth is, there are some nuances to navigate as services are intrinsically different from traditional products. These nuances must be accounted for in any “automated’ process so that the process both runs smoothly and effectively as they serve the services-based industries. Some of these nuances include that:

i. Services are transient in nature

Unlike traditional products that are generally premade or premanufactured, priced, and made ready for purchase and subsequent consumption, services are created at the same moment they are being consumed and is virtually disappearing while it is being created. Therefore, the

ii. Services require pre-packaging qualitative features in order to be quantified

For example, if there are the



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